Pleased to share my new article with @martinhearson on The Neoliberal Turn to International Tax Arbitration, out now from @PoPpublicsphere. Post on what this piece is and why it matters.

International corporate tax policy is incredibly arcane, but it’s hugely consequential. Recent estimates by @TaxJusticeNet find that governments lose out on $245 billion Every. Single. Year. From abusive profit-shifting to tax havens. (…) That’s revenue governments could spend on priorities like boosting workers, ending poverty, and decarbonizing our economies, as @JosephEStiglitz @gabriel_zucman and I write here @ForeignAffairs.

Obviously, multinational corporations like this outcome. Indeed, if governments let them get away…

Todd Tucker

I write about democracy, political economy, and trade. Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and Roosevelt Forward.

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