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Abraham Newman@ANewman_forward

Thread. Time to rethink US market power and how it could reshape global trade debates. Im channeling @dandrezner to talk to @dandrezner https://beta.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/07/30/elizabeth-warrens-trade-plan-is-bad-politics-worse-policy/ …


62% of voters say the #TPP will make things worse. 175 organizations agree (we’re one of ‘em!) #FairTradeNow

Todd N. Tucker✔@toddntucker

Not sure I would criticize as protectionist a plan whose through line is bashing protectionism and basically doesn’t dwell at all on tariffs. Warren’s plan mentions tariffs six times. Three are in this para, which bashes Trump’s tariffs. https://twitter.com/dandrezner/status/1156177436574400514 …

Todd N. Tucker✔@toddntucker

Beto has a trade plan! There’s a lot to like.

First, he advocates for an alternative vision that is neither neoliberalism nor Trumpism. He pledges to end an unproductive trade war, but also put working people and environment at the center, not the margin.https://medium.com/@BetoORourke/trade-for-america-7e62088911f5 …



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