NEW trio of briefs are out from @rooseveltinst looking at Planning for the Public Good.

From @SuzMKahn’s foreword: How infrastructure investments are structured is key to whether they promote equity and democracy in our economy and political system. (…)

First up, @stephsterlingdc and I tackle the planning meta concept, concluding that “The US has an opportunity to distinguish itself from its allies and competitors by implementing industrial policy through more democratic, inclusive, and accountable means” (…)

Next up, @lenorepalladino and @CtheLala take on the current de facto planners of the economy: asset managers like BlackRock. They sketch out the benefits of a public option for the sector that could crowd out the bad and crowd in the good. (…)

Last but not least, @suzmkahn and @stephsterlingdc explore the lessons of the hospital building Hill-Burton Act, community health centers, and HeadStart for today’s supply side investments in childcare.

Get those care wages up, and those care costs down. (…)

(Adapted from this thread.)

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